Brain'up - Social Brain Training App Reviews

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Does nothing and crashes on iPhone 6s+ with iOS 9.3.1 Don't bother.

Won't open


Doesn't work at all.

Blank screen, won't even start. How the Hell do I get my money back??

App needs update to work with ios9

Needs update does not work with iOS 9 hope they fix this soon

Good Mind Games

Good app; however some time out errors when net is unavailable. Also often tries to load the "write a review" link as accidentally pressed at end of a game. Think the battery life usage could also be improved.

Great games

I like games that work my mind and help to keep it active. These are simple but work well


Very simple but effective way to train and exercise your brain.


Great and simple little app with a lot of potential!!! Great workout for my brain! Keep up the good work!


Good, need more games

Freezes and the closes

I played one round and the buttons felt unresponsive. Got 35/35 then the game froze and closed. Every time I reopened it, it keeps closing.


This a quick reaction game and it gets better along when one plays more and concentrates more.

Mildly fun

This is a fun brain game but the games get old fast.

Great app

Great app Thanks


Good app


Not bad, but could be better.

Challenge your brain

I'm really enjoying using this, you can call it up when you're waiting in line and give your brain some exercise. The games are very challenging, and you can pick the areas you want to work on and play those games.

Great way to keep your brain sharp...

In a world where smart phones have the opposite effect.

Brain up is very clever

Great exercise


Cool brain teaser

Excellent app

Excellent app

Love it.

Great bathroom brain training

Neat brain trainer, but bad bug

I discovered a very bad bug in the flash game. Once the number gets to be very long, simply entering a long string of 9's will be accepted as the correct answer. This needs to be fixed in order to make this game playable past a certain point.


I like the challenge simple but fun


Es muy bueno sobre todo porque puedes ver la clasificación en Game Center!


Great app!

Perfect brain training app

All the games are simply awesome!👍

Love this

This is amazing!

Not bad

But remove rate the game from everywhere put it only one place


Ridiculously stupid! Thank god it was free!






Very nice, congratulation

Has potential but lacking simple design ergonomics

This game got frustrating because the buttons in some of the games are too small and I was missing answers because I missed the buttons. Got fatty thumbs. Also it would be nice if there was a countdown before games started. My stats were never loaded for the fourth game. :(

Great app

I love this!

Kool app

Nice app to improve short term memory. I like the maths questions as well.

Cool game!

Finally a simple fun game.

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